NTHSS Case Study

Challange North Town Higher Secondary School, Chumukedima is a privately run co-educational English medium School. The School stands committed for providing meaningful, vibrant and responsive education to children for meeting the challenges of our times. The website redesign purpose was aimed to help build and promote the schools brand online by showcasing various events and…… Read More »

Dovipie Inn Case Study

Dovipie Inn is located at Khonoma Village, surrounded by lush green hills and a tranquil Naga traditional Village environment. An ideal place to rejuvenate oneself. It is one of the only inn/hotel available at Khonoma village Nagaland. A custom responsive website was developed to help promote and create an online presence for the inn. KEY…… Read More »

Qrepo Case Study

Project overviews Qrepo was developed to solve the issue of collection of NBSE question papers by the students resulting in wastage of time as well as the cost of printing. A common repository holding all question papers of NBSE for classes 9, 10, 11(Arts, Sci, Com) & 12(Arts, Sci, Com) a quick and easy way…… Read More »

What is a WordPress Website

A wordpress website is a dynamic website meaning all the pages associated with the website are generated automatically when a user visits your site. The website is generated with the help of wordpress (the core). The core is responsible for bringing in different php files together (eg: the header, the body, the footer) so as…… Read More »